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I’m Grateful For My Grandparents’ War Stories

Not that I’m a fan of war in any way, or that I’m glad that they had to go through what they did.

This throwback post simply reminds me that no matter how bad things have ever gotten in my life, it pales in comparison to what they (or anyone who has been to war) went through and survived.

Although not all did…one of my Grandfather’s brothers, my Granduncle Beno, was a member of the Yugoslav Partisans and was shot down in the woods by Nazi soldiers at the tender age of 22, I think (they were all in their 20s, a time that should have been spent in youthful carefreeness), and was buried where he fell.

I recall many pilgrimage hikes to his gravesite in the woods when I spent summers growing up in Slovenia (back then it was Yugoslavia)…the tree image above not only symbolizes perspective, but also reminds me of the forest where he is buried.

Another brother perished in a concentration camp, and my Grandfather was also seriously injured right before he was to marry my Grandmother, struck in the head, ironically, by shelling from British bombers who were targeting Nazi strongholds in the area.

I remember he used to grab my hand to feel the section of his skull that was permanently “dented” from this injury.

I am grateful he and my Grandmother made it through this horrific ordeal, and that they blessed this world with a “post war” celebratory present…the birth of my mother, as she was born in 1945.

And yes, they did eventually marry, after my Grandfather recovered…and went on to celebrate almost 60 years of marriage, and lived a full, long life, both making it to the age of 90.

So I am simply grateful for the reminders of how good I have it in comparison, and how lucky I am to even be here, especially since my Dad was also a soldier in WWII, and almost perished at Pearl Harbor…which is a story for another post, especially if you’re doing the math! ;-)

And so I thought I’d share this perspective-changing story as I saw this post pop up in my “On This Day” section of Facebook today…perhaps it may help put things into perspective for you as well on those days when life may seem overly challenging or overwhelming.

What Puts Things Into Perspective For You?

What about you?

What experiences have you had (or stories from others) that puts things into perspective in your life during seemingly tough times?

We all have some, so I’d love to hear yours…if you’re keen on sharing, feel free to leave a COMMENT below and/or SHARE this post with someone who may need some perspective thrown their way!



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