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I Was Very Disappointed To Hear That Katch Is Shutting Down!

A while back when I first started using Periscope, I did a few posts sharing my Periscope Tips…one of which was to use to capture the replay of your ‘Scopes, since Periscope only has them available for 24 hours for viewing.

Aside from keeping all your saved ‘Scopes available for viewing on their site, my favorite feature was the ability to embed ‘Scopes captured by into blog posts.

What a flippin’ bummer to find out that this great time-saving tool is now shutting down in a few short days! =(

Be Sure To Save Your Katch Videos Before It’s Too Late!

So if you’ve been using Katch, and haven’t yet heard this dreadful news, sorry to be the bearer of it!

And once you’ve wiped away your tears and regained your composure, be sure to check out the Katch Shutdown Schedule and follow the links in it to ensure you transfer all your saved Katch videos to YouTube or your hard drive before it’s too late…and don’t dawdle, as the deadline is May 2 to make the transfers using their YouTube export tool or to archive them to your hard drive.

And be sure to SHARE this post with anyone else you know who may be using Katch, and/or feel free to vent your frustrations about this terrible news in the COMMENT section below!


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