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…I Will Now Reveal How To Get Your Boarding Pass To Mars!

Or rather, a Boarding Pass to Send Your NAME to Mars (and you can thank Facebook for the Astronomy Day reminder!)…

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My Name Was On the March, 2016 INSIGHT Mission To Mars Flight!

So, now it’s sitting there on a chip (or maybe a super long paper list, I’m not quite sure), along with over 800,000 other Earthing names…hope the Martians can decipher it, and that I hear from My Favorite Martian soon!

To read about how I got my name sent to Mars, and how you can send your name as well on the next Exploration Mission 1 flight, check out my post Just Got My Boarding Pass To Mars!

Share This With Your Fellow Astronomy/Mars Enthusiasts!

I’m sure they will be thrilled to learn how they can make their presence known on a faraway planet.

May the Force Be With All Your Names as they travel through the galaxy to Mars.

And if this post made your National Astronomy Day, please do leave a COMMENT below as well! ;-)


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