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Ever Try To Share Your Brand New Blog Post On Facebook Only To Find That the Wrong Image Is Displayed?

Imagine it…you’ve just finished your WordPress or Kalatu blog post (which is also WordPress-based, but far easier to use!) about “How To Read the Secret Messages Embedded In the Stripe Patterns On Siberian Tigers” and are super excited about sharing it to your Facebook profile and/or Facebook pages and groups related to Siberian Tigers.

You excitedly use either a social share button already in the post, or copy and paste the link directly into a Facebook post, hit enter…and are then mortified to find that the image that Facebook pulled and displays next to your Siberian Tigers headline is an image of a ballerina dancer from a post you did a year ago about “The Challenges of Being a Ballerina Dancer When You Refuse To Wear a Tutu!”

This would only be appropriate on April Fool’s Day.

Otherwise, you’re forced to either remove the image (hover around the image to see if it shows an “x” icon, which will allow you to delete it, or sometimes you will see a “remove preview image” option just below your post) and be content that just the title and short description of your post is displayed (boring and not very eye-catching), and if that isn’t possible, live with this publishing embarrassment.

To Display the Correct Image From Your Blog Post, Use the Facebook Scraper Tool!

For some reason, images are not always pulled properly when sharing a WordPress-based blog post on Facebook.  :-|

So today I’m sharing a cool little Facebook tool that my fellow bloggers may find very useful (or anyone for that matter who shares blog post links on Facebook)…the Facebook Scraper Tool.

This handy little tool will “de-bug” your post so that the freshest version is displayed when you share it, including the correct image.

How To Use the Facebook Scraper Tool

It’s pretty easy to use…go to the Facebook Scraper Tool and just enter the full url of the blog post you want to share, and then click on “Debug” (I’ll use the url from one of my recent posts “Funniest Office Space Moments For Fun and Frivolous Friday!” as an example…if the image below is too small to read just click on it for a larger view):

Facebook Scraper Tool Example 1

The screen that follows will be a “diagnostics” screen that shows a lot of technical information that probably won’t interest you and you really don’t need to be concerned with. The main thing you want to look for is if the correct image is showing at the bottom of this diagnostics screen:

Facebook Scraper Tool Result
In the above example the correct image WAS pulled, so if I share it on Facebook, I can rest easy that the image will match my post. As you can see by my sample post below on my Facebook profile, this is what it DOES look like when sharing:

Facebook Post Example

A Blog Post Sharing TIP:

Once you’ve pasted the url you want to share in a Facebook post, and you see that the proper image is showing, you can then delete the actual url above the image and either leave the space blank, or write a comment to go along with the share.

The post tends to look a little “cleaner” this way, since all the viewer needs to do is click on the image or any info below it to view the post, so there is no need for the extra url above it.

What If the Wrong Image Is Showing?

However, if the wrong image was showing in the above example, then I’d (you’d) want to scroll back to the top of the Scraper Tool diagnostics page and click on “Fetch New Scrape Information“:

Fetch New Scrape Image

Sometimes you may need to click on the Fetch New Scrape Information link repeatedly until the correct image is displayed. This happens if, for example, you change your featured image, or if you initially published your post without a featured image, and then added one later.

Just keep trying until you see the correct image.

Which leads me to a reminder…

Be Sure To Set a “Featured Image” In Your Blog Post!

If you add images into the body of your post, that’s great, but they will NOT be displayed as an image when you share the post on Facebook…only a “featured image” will display.

How To Set a Featured Image In Your Blog Post

Pretty simple…when you are creating or editing a post in your WordPress or Kalatu Dashboard, just scroll down to the lower right, almost to the bottom, and you’ll see a “Set Featured Image” setting, which will allow you to import an image just like you would if you were importing one for the body of your post.

Once your featured image is imported, dont panic if you don’t see it, as it will NOT display in the body of your post when you’re creating or editing it…it WILL display when the post is published, and it will also display in the “sidebar” of your blog as well, just like you see to the right of this post on my blog under “Recent Posts,” which is a nice eye-catching feature.

Hint, hint…another TIP…you can always go back and edit old posts to add a featured image! There is another tremendous benefit to doing this besides just sprucing up the look of your blog and old posts, and being able to share them with images on Facebook. I’ll cover what that benefit is in a “Part 2″ sequel to this post, so stay tuned!

Happy Blog Post Sharing On Facebook!

Hope this info helps with your blog post sharing efforts on Facebook! And if you know of anyone else who might find this tool useful, please do SHARE this post with them, and/or leave a COMMENT below if you have any questions!

And while we’re on the subject of Facebook, a while back I shared another cool little Facebook tool that you might also find useful…if you haven’t seen it yet you can check it out here: An Often-Overlooked Facebook Tool


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