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Having “burnt the work candle at both ends” enough times to where my work-life “balance” and well-being got derailed enough to land me in the hospital a few times, I couldn’t have said this better myself (or agree with it more!)…

Entrepreneurs need to focus on their wellbeing in order to cut it in the workplace:

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The Importance Of Putting Wellbeing First On the List!

Loved the wellbeing points made by my favorite entrepreneur Richard Branson in the article link above, especially as one of them reinforced one of the things I strive to do daily as early as possible in my day, which always makes a profound difference in the quality of the rest of it…

…to find out what that is, check out my post The One Thing I Do Every Day.

And another point he made reinforced a strategy I also use to ensure I make time for wellbeing…

Nice to know I’m in good company! ;-)

What Do You Do To Ensure Your Wellbeing?

I’d love to know your favorite wellbeing strategies, so please do leave a COMMENT below to share them!

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